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Story of the Italian Tiramisu Dessert

CultureTiramisu is one of the most well known, appreciated and imitated Italian recipes in the world. As a result of its popularity, its story is mysterious and controversial, many are the chefs who pretend to be the original creator. Nevertheless it’s pretty sure we can date its invention back to the mid 60′ of the XX century, from a pastry chef working at restaurant “Alle Beccarie” in Treviso, a small city of Veneto in northern Italy.


. It’s also one of the easiest desserts. Even though there are many alternative versions about its origin, the sure thing is the original recipe of the cake, as it was first reported in modern Italian cookbooks, so simple, sustainable and delicious. Why simple? Tiramisu is a cake made using only five ingredients. Why sustainable? Ingredients are cheap and easy to prepare. Why delicious? Because is a simple and magical combination between qualitative ingredients

Why simple? Tiramisù is a cake made using only five ingredients

Why sustainable? Ingredients are cheap and easy to prepare

Why delicious? Because is a simple and magical combination between qualitative ingredients

The Vegan Tiramisu Recipe

Our vegan tiramisu is a cake made from scratch with local sustainable ingredients, all animal free and soia free.

We follow most possibly the process of the authentic italian recipe, twisting it as egg free dessert. Vegan mascarpone? Vegan cheese based solutions? How we get our dairy free tiramisu? We combine fragrant vegan ladyfinger cookies, local coffee and a healthy and tasty vegetal cream, carefully designed.

The result?
The end of classic tiramisu is really close. We promise you.

  • a vegan egg substitute
  • flour
  • sugar
  • a vegan cheese (instead of the Mascarpone Cream)
  • eggless ladyfinger biscuits (instead of the Savoiardi)
  • coffee
  • cocoa Powder

To make the cream the vegan egg substitute is beat with sugar, then the vegan Mascarpone is added.


Finally the cookies are gently soaked in the coffee.


Then the cake is shaped alternating layers of cream and cookies ending with a good sprinkle of Cocoa powder.


So simple. So good.

Vegetarian recipe was turn in vegan from 1st January 2017, with a pretty tough study behind the vegan mascarpon cream and the vegan ladyfinger biscuits.


The goal is to reach the SAME qualitative product of an authentic Tiramisu, just not using any animal product.

We can say that we’re ready for the big audience now.


This vegan concept is first of all designed with local resources, so recipe follows the local sourcing and it’s lightly different from country to country.


Quality of ingredients become essential for our Tiramisuper as the magic process behind its recipe.

tiramisuper maurinoveg

Anything done with different ingredients does not deserve to be called vegan tiramisu!

…and it will surely not taste like one!

The idea behind this Vegan Tiramisu Cake

Anybody living in China will think that the sustainability of Tiramisu, becomes an issue if you happen to live outside of Italy.


In China, Mascarpone and Savoiardi (and even more their vegan counterparts) become crazy expensive to buy and their quality will never be even close to what it should be, same for the coffee!


As a result a less delicious, if not horrible cake will follow. So……..would this make you conclude a REAL TIRAMISU’ is IMPOSSIBLE to be found in the whole PRC??



Tiramisuper is a registered trademark by Soundinner to trade in China the best quality Tiramisu cake recipe from scratch.


  • Bake our own eggless Savoiardi biscuits (vegan ladyfingers) using only local selected flours
  • Produce our own vegan Mascarpone from a good milk alternative source
  • Use only superior brown rock sugar from Yunnan
  • Create our own blend of coffee using the best qualities from Yunnan
  • Use exclusively cocoa powder from South America

The result is amazing!
All of our clients can prove you their satisfaction!

Tiramisuper 20

In Tiramisuper

Tiramisuper 19

In Tiramisuper

Tiramisuper 18

In Tiramisuper

Tiramisuper 17

In Tiramisuper

Tiramisuper 16

In Tiramisuper

Tiramisuper 15

In Tiramisuper

Tiramisuper 14

In Tiramisuper

Tiramisuper 13

In Tiramisuper

Tiramisuper 12

In Tiramisuper

Tiramisuper 11

In Tiramisuper

Tiramisuper 10

In Tiramisuper

Tiramisuper 9

In Tiramisuper

Tiramisuper 8

In Tiramisuper

Tiramisuper 7

In Tiramisuper

Tiramisuper 6

In Tiramisuper

Tiramisuper 5

In Tiramisuper

Tiramisuper 4

In Tiramisuper

Tiramisuper 3

In Tiramisuper

Tiramisuper 2

In Tiramisuper

Tiramisuper 1

In Tiramisuper

Where to buy Tiramisuper



If you can’t wait any longer to try it leave your cold house in Beijing now! and jump on the first plane this final destination:


– Yunnan –
To taste this new specialty in the Yunnan food


We did a Tiramisuper experiment in Sihanoukville (Cambodia)

Tiramisuper information

If you can’t afford drop off your job like that we understand!

So other place where to buy tiramisu near you?

What is the best tiramisu near you?

Don’t worry we’ll soon come to you!

A line of dedicated commercial points is soon to open all over China!

Want to participate in the franchising?
Contact us NOW for more infos!

Feel free to contact us to ask more details about the vegan cake Tiramisuper and its franchise opportunities





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